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Ritual Calligraphic Set

Ritual Calligraphic Set

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Write your spells, rituals, and pacts the old-fashioned way with this beautiful boxed calligraphy set.  A plum-colored feather quill with six interchangeable nibs, an ink pot, sealing wax, and a brass hand stamp. The stamp features a pentacle and crescent moon design.

Kit includes:

One (1) feather quill with ribbon embellishment
Six (6) metal writing nibs
One (1) ink pot (black)
One (1) sealing wax stick with cotton wick (metallic silver)
One (1) hand stamp with removable wood handle

Box dimensions: 9.4 inches x 7.7 inches

Seal dimensions: .65 inch (diameter)

Compatibility info: The seal handle in this set is interchangeable with the stamps in the Spiritual Sealing Wax kit by Lo Scarabeo.This seal is the same diameter as the "Wicca," "Celtic," and "Magic," seals, but it is not interchangeable with the handle in those sets. (Because the handle on the single seals does not detach.) It will work your favorite sealing wax or refill wax kit.

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