Mystical Herb Bundle Trio (Mountain Sage, Black Sage, and Desert Magic)

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We created this herb bundle trio with the mystical witch in mind! These three handcrafted incense wands will aid in your most transformative, visionary magick.

Mountain Sage—also known as Dream Spirit Sage—is light and Airy. Black Sage helps with psychic work and dream recall, while the warm fragrance of Desert Magic lends fiery energy to whatever your heart desires.

These herbs are gathered in the Western United States, and carefully dried and hand-tied. Herb bundles measure approximately 4 inches on average. Please note that this is a natural product, and size, color and texture may vary slightly from the photo.

You’ll receive:

One (1) Mountain Sage bundle (dreams and psychic insight)
One (1) Black Sage bundle (astral travel, trance journeying, connecting with ancestors)
One (1) Desert Magic bundle (transformation, fiery cleansing, love)


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