Amazonite Rune Set

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A set of gemlike blue-green Amazonite stones engraved with the Norse runes. In crystal lore,  Amazonite is said to boost self-confidence, prosperity, and creativity. Includes a plush black velvet bag. (These are small-ish rune stones, about .5 inches and up,)

The set contains 25 rune stones (the 24 standard Elder Futhark runes, plus an optional blank “wyrd” rune). Each rune set also includes a copy of our print brochure, "The Runes: A Pocket Guide to the Elder Futhark". Each set is one-of-a-kind and handmade—please allow for slight variations from the photo.

Material: Tumbled Amazonite, goldtone enamel

Stone dimensions: Approx. .5 in and up

Bag dimensions: 4 inches x 5 inches

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