Brass Phurba

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With beautiful cast brass details, this Phurba is sure to occupy a place of pride on your altar or in a ritual toolkit. It measures about 9 inches long and weighs over half a pound. Handmade in India.

About the Phurba

The Phurba is a three-sided dagger associated with Tibetan ritual practices.  It is used to focus and direct energy, much like the Wand or Athame in the Western magickal tradition. It can be used to cleanse and consecrate sacred space. 

To cleanse a space of negative energy with the Phurba, begin by meditating and uttering a prayer of protection. Visualize negative energies intering the Phurba. Then, stab it into the ground or a bowl of sand or rice, so that the negativity can be absorbed and transformed by the Earth.

Material: Brass, iron core

Dimensions: Approx. 9 inches (length), 1.25 inches (widest point)

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