Engraved Ogham Set (Oak)

  • $ 20.00

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A set of Ogham rune staves crafted with love and care. Seek insight and guidance with the ancient Irish alphabet known as the Celtic Tree Language. The Ogham symbols are laser-engraved on Oak and finished by hand.

This set includes 13 rune tiles, a green velveteen pouch, and a pocket-sized Ogham Quick Reference Guide. 

Rune tile dimensions: 1.5 inches (height), 3/8 inches (width), 1/4 inch (thickness)

Proudly designed and handmade in the United States. The maker has committed a portion of each sale to benefit landscape protection efforts in Ireland, through the work of the Burrenbeo Trust, County Galway, Ireland; and of the Native Woodland Trust, offices in Dublin, Ireland.

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