Millennial Gaia Statue

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A Goddess image for the new millennium! This lovingly sculpted Mother Earth was designed by the late Pagan artist Oberon Zell. Since the original masterwork was presented at a May Day in 1998, his vision of Gaia has touched thousands of lives.

Hand-painted in brilliant colors with accents of bronze, Millennial Gaia is a marvelous addition to your altar or indoor garden. She measures about 7 inches tall. The statue includes a small booklet with her story and symbolism. Authentic and licensed reproduction.

Material: Hand-painted cold-cast resin

Dimensions: Approx. 7 inches (height), 5 inches (width), 4 inches (depth)

About the Millennial Gaia

Joseph Campbell, the world’s foremost mythologist, suggested that the Earth viewed as a whole, with no national boundaries, might be the symbol for a new planetary mythology. From the moment that the people of Earth first saw the image of our planet spinning in all Her radiant blue-and-white splendor through the black velvet night, many of us have felt an almost physical urge towards unity. We inevitably begin to think of ourselves as integral parts of one infinitely diverse, responsive and sustainable macro-organism.

After four billion years of evolution, we have arrived at a magical moment. Gaia floats mighty yet vulnerable amidst the starry heavens. She calls to us, and touches our human hearts, and we feel we are part of a self-aware mind capable of contemplating its own existence. And now, having seen Herself through our satellite eyes, She is awakening to consciousness. What is struggling to be born is a truly planetary—Gaian—mythos that invites people of all traditions in our divided world to know themselves as children of the same Mother—Gaia Herself; Mother Earth.  (Excerpt from the Millennial Gaia pamphlet by Oberon Zell.)


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