Moon Guidance (Jasmine) Incense Sticks

  • $ 3.00

Native Americans once used the cycles of the Moon to tell time, and named Earth's many seasons after the moons of the year. The Moon is known as a sacred observer, guide, and guardian. The otherworldly perfume of Jasmine is the basis of this Moon Guidance hand-rolled incense.

Native Spirits Incense sticks come in 12 inspiring scents, beautifully packaged for gift-giving, meditation, or simply enjoyment. Choose a favorite variety, or explore a new fragrance! Approximately 10-12 sticks per 15g box.

Made by Goloka, one of India's most well-known incense manufacturers and exporters. Native Spirits Incense comes in a plastic-free package. Benefits charity via the Goloka Seva Trust of Bangalore, India.


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