Natural Incense Powder - Love & Attraction

  • $ 7.50

This romantic floral incense is made from premium, plant-based ingredients. Self-igniting powder incenses allow you to obtain the quality of resin incense quickly and easily. Love and Attraction is a blend of Rose, Jasmine, wildflowers and finely ground resin in a base of coconut charcoal.

About Traditional Incense Co.

Traditional Incense Co. powder incenses are all-natural, fair trade certified, and come packaged in an airtight plastic bag. They do not require charcoal to burn. The package contains approximately 20 g (3/4 oz) of incense.

These incense are made the traditional way, from scratch, with no artificial colors or fragrances. Each variety contains the following base ingredients: Coconut charcoal, Cedarwood powder, Frankincense powder, and Honey.

About Powder Incense

Powder incense (or self-lighting incense) contains all the ingredients of cone/stick incense without the gums and binders that makes these incenses hold their shape. It is a versatile spell ingredient that can be used creatively or burned for its fragrance.

To use: Add a small quantity of incense powder (about a teaspoon) to a heatproof dish and pinch to form a cone or mound shape. Carefully apply flame from a match or lighter. Allow to burn for 10 seconds, then blow out and enjoy the fragrance.

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