Red Brick Dust by Charme et Sortilege

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A high quality, ritually prepared Red Brick Dust from famed occult shop Charme et Sortilege. Red Brick Dust is made by crushing old bricks into a powder, and is traditionally used to protect your home, business, or magickal space.

Label printed in English and French. Handmade in Montreal, Canada. For ritual use only--do not ingest.

Weight: Approx. 20 g (.75 oz) excluding packaging

Suggested uses:

Spread a thin line across your doorway to ensure that no one who means you harm can enter.

Add to spell bottles and jars, especially for luck, stability, and prosperity.

Sprinkle around the home to keep away enemies and unfriendly spirits.

Mix with oil or holy water to create a protective anointing paste for doors, windows, and altars.

Carry in a mojo bag along with protective herbs and amulets.

Place around the base of ritual candles for a protective and grounding influence.


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Very cool product you don't see often

Very cool product you don't see often

Was surprised by the amount and size of th...

Was surprised by the amount and size of the red brick bag. Usually I receive a smaller content . Very pleased 😃 delivery was quick. 😊