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Rune Awakening Altar Cloth (36 Inches)

Rune Awakening Altar Cloth (36 Inches)

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Made of a premium, medium-weight rayon fabric, this square cloth features runes arranged in a circle. The design is a magickal spell for harmony, creativity, and spiritual awakening.
Altar cloth is handmade in Bali according to traditional batik methods--please expect slight variations. Item ships folded. To remove wrinkles, put in a hot dryer for five minutes, or dampen cloth and line dry. Designed by Karuna Arts.

This beautiful and versatile cloth may also be worn as a scarf!

Material: Hand-dyed rayon

Dimensions: Approx. 36 inches x 36 inches

From the Artists (Amara Karuna and Ro Walker)

This Altar Cloth is composed of runes, which are themselves component piece of the Flower of Life, whose pattern is a universal tool serving to promote gentle and sincere awakening within cosmic harmony.

The numerically charged rune ring is composed of the first 28 runes of a 34-fold runic cosmology. Less commonly known are the last four runes featured, which do not correspond to whole numbers. The light blue runes around the central gateway are the rune Jera used to promote understanding of cyclical energy, harmonious enlightenment, and creativity.

The symbols in the corners are respectively: the rune Laguz (the check mark) x3, commonly known as a Trefot, serving to utilize threefold evolutionary force and promote magical inspiration; and Inwaz (the diamond) combined with Tiwaz (the arrow), serving to ease storage and release of power in development of positive self-sacrifice, build spiritual will, and bring about just victory.

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