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Serpentine (1 Piece)

  • $ 2.50

With its spotted green and black appearance, Serpentine is named for its resemblance to snakeskin. Sometimes called “New Jade,” Serpentine is found in various patterns in deposits around the world. It was known to the ancients, who used it as a talisman against snakebites and poisons.
Serpentine is one of the most psychically active Earth stones. Serpentine encourages the unlocking of magickal secrets and observation of the spiritual planes. It is an excellent complement to wisdom-seeking and shamanic practices. Partner with Serpentine for rites of initiation, deep meditation, and working with kundalini energy.
You will receive one wild piece of tumbled Serpentine, chosen just for you from our marvelous gemstone bin. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, but will weigh at least 20 g and measure about 1 inch.

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