Sun's Eye Cedarwood Spray (2 oz)

  • $ 7.00

A delicious fragrance mist from Sun's Eye, made with essential oil of Cedar. Woody and warm, Cedarwood Spray is traditionally associated with purification and balance.

Comes in a 2 fluid ounce bottle with a spray cap. For external use only.

Contents: Sun's Eye Cedarwood Spray is a blend of essential oils and fragrance oils in distilled water and polysorbate-20 (an emulsifier derived from coconut).

About Sun's Eye

Based in Florida, Sun's Eye is known for fine hand-blended ritual oils and aroma products. Their proprietary blends are made from aromatic roots, resin, herbs, flowers, woods, and essential oils. Sun's Eye products are all alcohol-free, petroleum-free, and free of animal ingredients and animal testing.

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