Tree of Life Tibetan Incense - Fruits (Stress Relief)

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Made from a blend of Himalayan woods and herbs, Tree of Life incense comes in 5 wonderful fragrances. Each is inspired by a different part of the Bodhi tree, where the Buddha once sat and attained full enlightenment.

"Fruits" is a mix of sacred herbs with warm and rich Amber. The fruit of the Tree of Life is the last expression of its life cycle, the harvest that comes after patient growth. To enjoy the fragrance of the fruit is to rest and reap the blessings of past labors. This incense is wonderful for relaxation, meditation, celebration and gratitude.

This box of approximately 30 sticks (40g) includes a burner stand. Each stick measures approximately 4.5 inches and can burn for around 50 minutes. Tree of Life hand-rolled incense sticks are all-natural and environmentally friendly. Handmade in Nepal.

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