Tree of Life Tibetan Incense - Trunk (Body & Soul)

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Made from a blend of Himalayan woods and herbs, Tree of Life incense comes in 5 wonderful fragrances. Each is inspired by a different part of the Bodhi tree, where the Buddha once sat and attained full enlightenment.

"Trunk" is a harmony of sacred herbs with grounding Red Sandalwood. The Tree's trunk is a symbol of strength that bridges Heaven and Earth. Trunk represents the center of the body and soul, a place we can always return and remember what we are made of.

This box of approximately 30 sticks (40g) includes a burner stand. Each stick measures approximately 4.5 inches and can burn for around 50 minutes. Tree of Life hand-rolled incense sticks are all-natural and environmentally friendly. Handmade in Nepal.

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