Tumbled Green Aventurine Bracelet

  • $ 10.00

Made of natural Green Aventurine, this bracelet is a wonderful way to wear a favorite stone! The elastic bracelet stretches to fit most wrist sizes. It's made of smooth tumbled stones (not chips) which are beautiful and comfortable to wear, as well.

Stone size, count and color will vary in this natural product.

About Green Aventurine

This beautiful gemstone is actually a form of Quartz.  It get its natural green color and subtle shimmer from the inclusion of small amounts of Mica. All wonderful properties of Quartz also apply to Aventurine. Perhaps because of its gentle sea-green hue, Aventurine is traditionally linked to the Heart Chakra. Aventurine soothes the eyes and mind and opens the heart to feelings of abundance. Its calming and healing nature make this item particularly well-suited for healers and energy workers of all kinds.

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