White Bone Rune Set

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An Elder Futhark rune set engraved in white bone tiles. Bone is one of the oldest materials for divinatory tools, first used by Neolithic humans. Please allow for slight variations in this handmade item.

The set contains 25 rune stones (the 24 standard Elder Futhark runes, plus an optional blank “wyrd” rune) and a drawstring bag to carry them. Each rune set also includes a copy of our print brochure, "The Runes: A Pocket Guide to the Elder Futhark".

Material: Non-endangered Water Buffalo bone, black enamel

Tile dimensions: Approx. .8 in average (length)

About the Runes

The Runes are both an ancient alphabet and a set of powerful magickal sigils. They are particularly relevant to Norse and Heathen paths, but many Wiccans and other Pagans have adopted them because of their potency. According to legend, the god Odin received the runes after a long ordeal, and is revered as the patron of runic lore.

Using the Runes
Runes may be used for divination, magick, and meditation. For those who are unfamiliar with the meanings of the runes, there is a wealth of information about them in books and online. 

The simplest way to use the runes is to ask a question, then reach into the bag and draw one rune stone. Using a book, your own knowledge, or another guide, interpret the rune as it applies to the situation at hand.  For complex questions, you can even draw multiple runes, assigning them different positions in the reading as is often done with Tarot cards.

To use the runes in spellwork, choose a rune whose meaning embodies the quality or force you are seeking to draw to you. Place the chosen rune on your altar, add it to a spell bag, or focus on it during meditation or trance work. 

Much like the alphabet can be arranged to create infinite combinations of words, your rune set is a magickal toolbox that you can return to over and over to produce endless results.

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Top notch quality and delivery! Phenomenal...

Top notch quality and delivery! Phenomenal product and fantastic seller! 💖

Exactly as described and packaged with car...

Exactly as described and packaged with care

These are perfect!! My daughter is so happ...

These are perfect!! My daughter is so happy! You made her so happy! Thank you!

They are beautiful! Can't wait to gift thi...

They are beautiful! Can't wait to gift this to my friend.

I was looking for runes that could lay fla...

I was looking for runes that could lay flat and are made of durable material. While the styling of the runes themselves aren't my cup of tea, i still like how natural it all feels. I'm glad i got these. I also like the pamphlet that came with it that briefly describes all the runes. I already have something similar, but i like the different interpretations.
The velvet bag it comes in is the perfect size for 'shuffling' the runes. It's a poor quality velvet but it works.