Witches' Wisdom Pewter Pocket Stone (Choose Style)

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 Wise witchy words to guide you on your journey. Designed by award-winning teacher and author Christopher Penczak, the new Witches' Wisdom pocket stones have a pentagram and rose design on the front, and a text inscription on the back. Made in the United States of lead-free pewter, they are perfect for gift giving and solitary inspiration.

Material: Pewter

Dimensions: 1 inch (diameter)

The Witches' Wisdom pocket stones come in twelve different designs. You will receive one pocket stone in a gift pouch. Please make your selection from the following:

A Witch Is Never Alone

All Witches Heal

As Above, So Below

Blessed Be

Desire Is Sacred

The Earth Is My Temple

The Goddess Is Alive

Know Thyself

I Am a Child of the Earth and the Starry Heavens

Perfect Love & Perfect Trust

Preserve the Mysteries - Reveal Them Often

Speak Wisely


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