Wooden Cobra Stand (6 Inches)

  • $ 9.50

Give your mystical items a leg (or three) to stand on!  This traditional stand has been carved out of one piece of wood to create a folding tripod for magickal treasures. (It's called a cobra stand because if you look closely, you can see that it resembles three snakes woven together.)

This tripod makes an excellent heat-resistant base for your incense burner or smudge pot. Display crystal balls, scrying bowls, rough minerals, and more! The 6-inch size will comfortably hold a sphere in the 5 to 7 inch diameter range, and even the largest Abalone shells. (Stand is shown with a 5.5 inch Jasper sphere, for demonstration purposes only.)

Material: Painted wood

Dimensions: 6 inches (folded length)

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