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The Eight Witches' Runes

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The Witches’ Runes are a set of magic symbols used as an oracle. (They’re unrelated to the Norse runes.) While the exact age of this symbol set is unknown, it draws upon familiar images that will be instantly recognizable to the unconscious mind. Over time, Witches’ Runes have gained a reputation as an easy-to-learn, no-frills method for divining the past, present, and future.

There are a few different versions of the Witches’ Runes—sets may contain eight, 10, or 13 tiles.  (Meanings vary too, depending on who you ask.)  A set of eight Witches' Runes corresponds to the eight Wiccan Sabbats, providing a built-in mechanism for answering questions of timing.

Occasionally, Grove and Grotto offers handcrafted Witches' Runes sets.  Or, you can make your own from wood or stone tiles.  Check out the suggested meanings and correspondences:

The Moon (Midwinter)
Inner thoughts, intuition, contemplation, solitude, change.

The Birds (Imbolc)
News, business matters, communication, inspiration and beginnings.

The Leaf (Ostara)
Growth, abundance, promise of harvest, good fortune.  A strong "maybe".

The Rings (Beltane)
Love, passion, partnership, harmonious union, joy and pleasure. In readings, means "probably".

The Sun (Midsummer)
Success, pride, and power. Progress, stability.  A definite “yes.”

The Wave (Lammas)
Close family and friends, privacy, secrecy.  Rest and withdrawal.

The Crossed Spears (Mabon)
Opposite viewpoints.  Conflict, arguments, negativity.  A stalemate or pause in action.  In readings, "probably not."

The Black Rune (Samhain)
Endings and departures.  Scarcity, pain and loss.  A definite "no."

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