Grove and Grotto Fall 2018 update

Grove and Grotto at DFW Pagan Unity Fest

Greetings from the Grove! It's been a very, very busy year for us, with no signs of slowing down. Samhain is just around the corner...and after that, the holiday shopping season. If updates to the blog have been few, it's because we're prioritizing filling orders and keeping your favorite items in stock.

Here's what's been happening around the shop in the six months or so since we've posted a business update:

New product lines

Sun's Eye White Sage Clearing Spray

One of our favorite new items is the clearing sprays from Sun's Eye. These are made for people who want to cleanse and purify a place, but don't like the smoke associated with burning smudges. It's also nice to have for places where burning stuff isn't allowed, like camping tents or hotel rooms.

The 2 oz bottle is the perfect size to toss into a desk drawer or purse. These earth-friendly sprays have only three ingredients: Palo Santo or White Sage essential oil, distilled water, and a natural emulsifier. The bottle is recycle-able, too.

Wands by Merlin's Realm

We also added a collection of handmade wands by Merlin. They are so beautiful and agile! In-house projects include these fabulous Witch's Runes on Birch:

Witch's Runes

A bumper crop of decks

Blessed Be Oracle

2018 has seen the release of lots of beautiful new Tarot and oracle decks. Far and away the customer favorite this year has been Paulina Cassidy's Spiritsong Tarot. Y'all can't get enough of this gentle, nature-inspired Tarot. We also like the new Bianco Nero deck with its elaborate pen-and-ink artwork.

Oracle decks have been especially strong this year, with at least three top-notch new additions to our (usually Tarot-heavy) catalog. Check out the Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle, Sea Melodies inspiration deck, and Blessed Be cards (pictured).

Growing, growing, growing...

Some people are surprised to learn that our entire business operates in under 250 square feet of office and warehouse space. It's worked for us for a few years, but lately we've been focused on scaling up.

A new, larger storage space is in the works, which will help us keep more goods in stock. The shop elves have been very busy working on internal systems and moving boxes around. As always, we strive to do it all behind the scenes (and in our spare time) so your customer experience stays positive. Out-of-stock orders are rare, and we are still maintaining a one-day handling time on most orders.

Festival craziness

Grove and Grotto at Wellness Expo

The past few weekends have taken us to east Texas, west Texas, Houston, and back to our home base in Dallas. October and November festivals are on the horizon. Just last weekend we were at Houston Pagan Pride, enjoying some great live music and a hurricane-free day.

Although its hard work, we love the opportunity to meet customers face-to-face and listen to your special requests. Online shoppers, worry not: If there's going to be a shipping delay due to our travel, we'll always let you know ahead of time with an announcement on the website.

We are so joyful to be doing this work and to have you along for the journey. Thanks so much for visiting!

Until next time,

Michelle Gruben

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Bottom photo stolen from Tony Cecela at the Wellness Expo in Addison, TX.

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