Spiritsong Tarot

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The much-anticipated new deck from Paulina Cassidy, creator of the Paulina Tarot and Joie de Vivre Tarot. Animal guides from the natural world will take you on a mystical journey, offering their insights along the way. Delicately illustrated with watercolor and ink, the Spiritsong Tarot is an ideal companion for meditation and divination.

The Spiritsong Tarot structure is based on the traditional tarot, containing the 22 Majors, the 56 Minors, and four suits: Acorns for Wands/Fire; Feathers for Swords/Air; Shells for Cups/Water; and Crystals for Pentacles/Earth. The oversized cards measure 3 inches by 5 inches.

Box includes 78 cards with a 108-page guidebook

Card dimensions: 3 inches x 5 inches

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