Grove and Grotto Spring 2019 update

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Greetings! It’s your friendly shop fairy Michelle with some updates on what’s new at the Grove!

2018 was a very busy year. We’ve added hundreds of new products and made many other changes and improvements. Here’s some highlights:

New products

The Magick Cupboard incense

We have a new house brand of resin incense, packaged under the Magick Cupboard label. Some of the pre-packaged resins we received weren’t meeting our quality standards, so we ditched them and started producing our own. The Magick Cupboard resins are shop-tested, practically dust-free versions of the world’s best resins for your altar and home. (View all our resin items here.)

Sun's Eye Zodiac Oils

Other new faves include the Renaissance-inspired Influence of the Angels Tarot and the Zodiac Oils from Sun’s Eye.


Last month was our annual trip to Tucson to choose gems in-person for the shop. (That’s me with the Queen of All Quartz from Brazil.) We’ll be offering lots of these gemstones on the website and at our upcoming shows.

Michelle Gruben in Tucson

Our Spring show schedule kicks off with Addison Wellness Expo, followed by DFW Pagan Unity Day and Council of Magickal Arts Beltane.

In June, we’ll be traveling to Denver for INATS (International New Age Trade Show) to meet some of our vendors and seek out more great new products for you!


My work schedule sometimes makes it hard to keep up with the store blog, but I try. Some of my favorite recent posts include What to expect at a Pagan festival and Circling back to magick: 55 ways to live a more spiritual life every day.

Over one million readers visited the store blog last year—which feels amazing—so thank you so much for reading and supporting my writing. I am always striving to learn and grow in my magickal practice, and I love being part of a community that shares that thirst for knowledge.

New websites

Labyrinth Trading

We have two newly active sales channels that opened in early 2019: Labyrinth Trading (a wholesale portal for qualified business owners), and an Etsy store. We're constantly working in the warehouses to make more products available to our buyers with increased accuracy and efficiency.

Grove and Grotto warehouse

I also have a new personal website to house my magickal writing: Based on Wordpress, it's an easier way to browse the articles in the blog by topic or date.

Well, that's all the big news for now. We're approaching our fifth year in business, and we're so grateful for all of our lovely customers and visitors. Thank you for stopping by, and have a magickal Spring and Summer!

Many blessings,

Michelle Gruben

Owner, Grove and Grotto

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