Magickal properties of Alfalfa

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Magickal properties of Alfalfa

If you’re a city Witch (like me), you first encountered Alfalfa as a treat for a pet hamster, or perhaps by eating Alfalfa sprouts at the corner deli. But as it turns out, Alfalfa is an ancient herb with a long history of use in prosperity magick. Alfalfa is also known as Lucerne, particularly in Europe.

Alfalfa is an enthusiastic ground cover plant with a sweet, grassy aroma. It has been cultivated as an animal fodder since at least the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. As a food, Alfalfa is high in protein and contains many essential vitamins. It is easily dried to provide sustenance for livestock through the winter. The plant was so valued for nourishment that the name Alfalfa comes from an Arabic phrase meaning, “father of all foods.” Humans enjoy Alfalfa too—usually in its immature sprout form, or mixed into salads.

Physically, Alfalfa resembles clover, but is actually more closely related to green peas! You may use fresh or dried Alfalfa for spellwork. Alfalfa supplements and teas are readily available, as the plant has a reputation for lowering cholesterol and purifying the body. Alfalfa essential oil is rarer, but may be available through healthy living suppliers.

Magickal uses of Alfalfa

In the eyes of our ancestors, lush fields overflowing with cattle were the surest sign of wealth. It’s not hard to see how this bright green, nutritious herb became known as a charm against want.

Alfalfa is used for health, prosperity, and good fortune. Hoodoo practitioners use it as both a money-drawing herb, and protection for existing assets (i.e., Money Stay With Me spells). Generally, the herb is added to spells and charms in its dried form, rather than being infused or burned as an incense.


Fresh growing Alfalfa

As a luck-bringing herb, Alfalfa is often assigned to Jupiter without much fuss. Fair enough. Alfalfa has the Jupiterian habits of being a provider, and growing abundantly wherever it is planted.

As a favorite food of cattle, Alfalfa is a consummate herb of the zodiacal sign Taurus. It picks up some Venusian cred from Taurus (which is ruled by Venus). Whether you're a cow or a human, Alfalfa symbolizes pleasure and enjoyment of life.

Picture a beautiful bull lying in a meadow, languidly chewing on a mouthful of juicy grass. He’s content and confident and not worried about a thing. That’s the energy evoked by ritual use of Alfalfa.

Alfalfa is primarily a money magick herb, and the elemental correspondence is Earth.

Spells and formulas with Alfalfa

Dried alfalfa

Gamblers may carry a sachet of Alfalfa in their pocket for good luck at the gaming table. The same charm is said to inspire others to be generous to you. 

Sprinkle Alfalfa around the base of a green candle for a money-drawing spell.

Put a jar of dried Alfalfa in the kitchen pantry to ensure your household will always have enough to eat.

Add Alfalfa leaf to money spells of any kind (mojo bags, candles, and spell bottles, for instance). It is appropriate for all positive financial goals—securing a bank loan, winning prize money, or growing a business.

A pinch of Alfalfa in your wallet is supposed to help you hang onto your last dollar.


Alfalfa is safe in moderation. People with auto-immune disorders should avoid consuming it in large quantities. All essential oils are potentially hazardous, so use them with caution.

Scent Profile: Grassy, Sunny, Hay

Correspondences: Jupiter/Venus, Earth

Occult properties of herbs are provided for historical interest only, and no outcome is guaranteed. Nothing on this website should be taken as medical or legal advice. Please use herbs responsibly.

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