Money magick that works: Four ingredients of successful prosperity spells

Money magick that works

Everybody is interested in money. If you don’t have it, then you want it. And if you do have it, you could probably always stand to have a little more. After love magick, money magick is the most common spellcraft topic that people ask about.

This isn’t the kind of article where I’ll tell you what color of candle to buy, or what gemstones to put in your pocket. Those things matter, but they don’t matter as much as the energy behind your money magick. Instead, we’ll consider four fundamental beliefs and attitudes that will help you draw prosperity into your life.

1. Positivity (Thinking Abundantly)

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There are two types of people in the world: Those who believe there’s enough to go around, and those who don’t. In the restaurant of life, the first group is savoring their meals, telling friends, “Here, have a bit of this.” The second group is shuffling in line, wondering if the kitchen is going to run out of food, and whether the cashier is stiffing them. Guess which folks are better at money magick?

Obviously, some resources in the world are finite: Gold, land, oil. Some are practically infinite: Happiness, love, sunlight. It’s a fact that scarcity does exist, and it causes great suffering.

But most economists would agree that wealth itself is infinite. You can get more of it without taking it away from someone else. Zero-sum situations (your loss is my gain) are actually quite rare. (And they’re usually found in artificial situations, like poker games and math problems.) If you’re worried about losing out to someone else—or guilty about taking wealth from someone else—you’re simply not in the right state of mind to practice money magick.

Here’s a story from grade-school economics: You see some apples at a fruit stand. The apples cost $1 each, and you just happen to have a dollar in your pocket. You’d rather have the apple than the dollar, so you buy one. If the farmer would rather have a dollar than the apple—and it makes sense that she would, because she set the price—then she sells you one. You’ve lost a dollar, but gained something you value more than a dollar. The farmer has lost an apple, but gained something she values more than the fruit. The exchange has added value for both of you. Wealth is the result when we share our resources and gifts with other people.

Thinking abundantly is not the same as noticing the good things around you, or affirming that you deserve good things. It’s choosing to believe—and really internalizing the belief—that there could be enough for everyone. Put aside resentment, competition, and worry. If you don’t believe in abundance (or not entirely), find a way to fake it when you’re doing money magick.

2. Specificity (Spelling it Out)

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When your magick is specific, you’re certain about what you want and you can express it in a clear way. (To yourself and to the Universe.) It’s not enough to say “I want to be wealthy.” There are all kinds of wealth, even if we’re just talking about the monetary kind. There’s the fat bank account, the big house with lots of land, the high-status job, the generous family or friends…and so on. Each of these things will technically make you wealthy, but they each may change your life in ways you don’t want.

Then there are things that make you feel rich—like taking a trip or buying new clothes or donating to charity—that don’t actually cost that much money in the grand scheme of things. What is it you really want?

Doing a prosperity spell without thinking about the actual outcome is a bit like waiting until you get to the front of the deli line to decide what you want to eat. You might wind up ordering something you don’t really like, or you might get flustered and not be able to think of anything at all.

You may have heard the story of the Witch who does a spell for a quick $10,000, only to get it a week later from the death of a beloved relative. Magick often works like that! If you’re not very specific about what you want and how you expect it to come to you, some very funny (or sad) magickal mishaps may be in your future. It’s far better to work for a specific outcome. Something like, “My work bonus will pay for a beach vacation,” or “I will get a generous cash offer for my vehicle.”

But avoiding unintended consequences isn’t the only reason to formulate a specific intention. Being specific about your desire helps you visualize success in a concrete way. And visualization is extremely important in achieving magickal aims.

3. Openness (Letting it In)

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For effective money magick, you have to stay open to receiving the results. Openness means being able to recognize opportunities and act on them. It also means you can accept it when success comes to you in unexpected ways.

But wait? Didn’t I just say that you should state exactly want you want from a money spell? You should! But being open means admitting that you don’t know everything that’s going on behind the scenes. There are other wills interacting with yours, and you stand to benefit if you’re willing to accept the fruits of those interactions. So be specific when sending your intention out, and be open when waiting for the results to flow in.

Openness often involves follow-up work. It’s not enough to set the intention of finding a new job. You’ve also got to polish that resume, comb through job postings, and go on interviews. All the while, use your intuition to look for signs that you’re on the right track.

Openness also suggest patience. A lot of times, people will feel that a prosperity working has failed when in fact they just haven’t allowed time for the results to manifest. Suppose you didn’t get a desired promotion at work and instead you got laid off. So you end up freelancing for a while, and you land a job in your field that was even better than the promotion would have been.

It is absolutely possible for a magickal working to flop completely. But don’t assume that’s the case just because things aren’t going exactly as planned.

4. Reciprocity (Paying It Forward)

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If you want a friend, be one. If you want generosity, be generous. Whether you call it karma, or the law of attraction, or something else, what you put out there will often come back to you. It all goes back to the first idea mentioned here (abundance). If you really accept that principle in your heart, it’s not painful at all to share the gains you’ve received and celebrate the success of others.

The time for giving is before, during, and after prosperity magick. Sharing stimulates a cycle of generosity that ripples through the world. It doesn’t have to be money. If all you can give, is time, attention, and small favors, then do it! Money is, after all, just one form of energy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these suggestions for helping your money magick pay off. May you experience much happiness and prosperity this harvest season!

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