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Articles — divination

New Witch's Runes!

Michelle Gruben divination grove and grotto runes tools


Witch's Runes


We're excited to announce the completion of our new Witch's Runes! Our exclusive set of eight rune tiles will be available in the shop at the beginning of August 2018. (Hooray! They're here.)

The Eight Witch's Runes are an extremely accurate, concise, and portable oracle. The system has its roots in the early human art of lithomancy, where stones, bones, and wood tiles were shuffled as a method of divination. The Witch's Runes use simple, evocative symbols to provoke a universal response.

Our Witch's Runes are burned onto...

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The best new Tarot and oracle decks of 2017

Michelle Gruben deck reviews divination tarot

Grovey Awards for Tarot and oracle decks

As 2017 winds down, Tarot enthusiasts are making a list and checking it twice. Which decks do you hope to find under the Yule tree?

Here at Grove and Grotto, we buy and sell Tarot decks, of course—but we’re also readers and collectors ourselves. Just for fun, we’ve put together a list of our most-recommended decks of 2017.

This was a hard list to compile, as 2017 was a strong year for Tarot and oracle deck publishing. Here, we will laud the best of the best with our brand new Grove...

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Deck review: Secrets of the Mystic Grove

Michelle Gruben divination reviews tools

Secrets of the Mystic Grove

Is there anything as satisfying as digging into the shrink wrap of a brand new deck of cards? Heck no! So today we’re pulling off the plastic and taking a look at the newest oracle deck from US Games, Secrets of the Mystic Grove.

Secrets of the Mystic Grove came out in June 2017. It contains 44 cards with images by Portland-based artist Mary Alayne Thomas. The accompanying book is by Arwen Lynch. (Lynch has previously co-authored the Fairy Tale Lenormand­­­ with Lisa Hunt. Mystic Grove is Thomas’ first oracular offering.)

I’m pretty...

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Five (and a half) ways to build psychic rapport and improve your readings

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Psychic rapport between two people

There are many scenarios in which it’s useful to create a temporary psychic bond between individuals. Perhaps you are about to do a reading or healing for a client. Maybe you’re about to work together in a magickal spell or ritual. Or maybe you just want to use your psychic skills to be a better listener, listening to the person’s energy as well as their words.

Here are some easy ways to tune in psychically to another person. (You probably already use one or more of these methods!) Most can be used in...

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Deck review: The Faery Forest oracle

Michelle Gruben deck reviews divination tools

The Faery Forest: An Oracle of the Wild Green World

The Faery Forest: An Oracle of the Wild Green World is the newest Faery-themed oracle deck. Released in May 2016, it is the first deck to collect the work of veteran fantasy artist Maxine Gadd. Before adding the title to our store's shelves, we opened one up to have a look.

The Cards

The Faery Forest oracle cards

Right away, I was impressed by the quality of the cards and packaging. Publisher Blue Angel is known for doing right by its artists, and this deck is...

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