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Deck review: Rackham Tarot

Michelle Gruben deck reviews divination faery tarot

Rackham Tarot deck reviewOne of the most anticipated new Tarot decks of 2019, the Rackham Tarot is based on the artwork of the beloved illustrator Arthur Rackham. Rackham’s fantasy worlds are populated with elves and goblins, golden-haired princesses and sly old crones. His artwork appeals to occultists because of his skill in evoking the enchantment (and danger) of the Faery realms.

Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) was a major figure in the Golden Age of illustration, which lasted roughly from the 1890s to the start of the first World War. At this time,...

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Fun facts about fairies!

Michelle Gruben faery

Fun facts about fairies!

Ever wanted to learn more about fairies? Here are some tidbits of fairy knowledge from Michelle, Grove and Grotto's own shop fairy.

1. Fairy wings aren't just for flying.

One of the questions I get when children see my wings is, “Can you fly?” The answer is yes, if the wind is right. But flying is not the only thing wings are good for. Fairies use their wings to wave “hello” to each other, to “taste” the air, to express their moods, to look beautiful, and to show how important they are in fairy...

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The Faery dozen: 12 herbs for Faery gardens, offerings, and magick

Michelle Gruben faery folk magic herbs materials


The Faery Dozen

In the hidden land of Faery, travelers say, there are marvelous herbs and flowers completely unknown in the human world. Brilliant colors, intoxicating scents, and magickal plants that bring joy, visions, or sleep. And yet, over the years, fairies seem to have taken a liking to some of the more common plants right here on Earth.

This list of twelve fairy favorites is drawn mainly from folklore and literature about fairies (as well as a touch of personal experience). Since fairies live close to nature, many plants and herbs are associated with the Fae—but...

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Going to a faery festival? Costume tips and ideas

Michelle Gruben faery festivals

Young faeries at a festival

One of the best parts of attending any festival is putting together a killer outfit. Faeries especially love fashion, frivolity, and the art of disguise. But budget, weather, and travel concerns can have any faery feeling less than magickal. Costuming for outdoor festivals is challenging, but it’s worth it when you get to run around with other faeries in a beautiful natural setting.

Are you going to Faerieworlds? Glastonbury? Or another faery festival or Renaissance faire? Here’s some ideas to help plan the faery costume of your dreams.


Make a...</p>

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A Fae gift guide: Shopping for faeries, gnomes, and elves

Michelle Gruben faery gifts

A happy gnome with a gift

Buying gifts for humans is easy. You can just pick up some candles or a gift card and slap a bow on it. Done! But when your circle of friends includes such creatures as Elves and Mermaids, things can get complicated. Here’s a handy gift guide to help you find perfect presents for the otherkin in your life.

Gifts for Faeries

It wasn’t the Magi, but the Faeries who perfected the art of gift-giving and taught it to humans. Faeries love gifts at holiday time and “just because”. They receive gifts graciously...

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