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Five hard truths about magick

Michelle Gruben beginner energy groups magic opinion spells

Five hard truths about magick

Of the many laws of magick, there are a few that you’ll never see on a T-shirt or affirmation board. Here, we’ll cover some of the tough stuff: The harsh, the unsettling, the ambiguous facts of living an enchanted life.

This article was inspired by some recent discussions of false positivity—that is, the habitual repetition of encouraging words and images. In short, false positivity means well, but it does harm by shutting down discussion of anything problematic. You can’t hide the truth forever—and when you try, it seeps out in sneaky and unexpected...

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What to expect at a Pagan festival

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What to expect at a Pagan festival

Thinking about attending a Pagan festival? Great! Festivals are a fabulous way to meet like-minded friends, nurture the mind and spirit, and be part of a vibrant, celebratory community.

But there’s a lot to consider before you pitch your tent and go bounding toward the revel fire. This article will help you sidestep some of the newbie mistakes that can dampen your enjoyment of a Pagan festival. We’ll touch on what to expect, how to pack, how not to be a jerk, and how not to miss out on the wonderful...

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Becoming a grown-up Witch

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Becoming a grown-up witch

When did you come of age as a Witch? Some people can point to the exact day. Maybe it was in front of witnesses, when you took an important degree or initiation. Maybe you were all alone with the gods, when a vision or epiphany changed your life forever.

As I look back on my own path, I’m sure that I have stepped over that threshold, from novice to Real Grown-Up Witch. I’m just not sure when, exactly, it happened. I don’t have any certificates or ceremonial cords to show for it. I can’t...

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Pagan ritual etiquette (or, how not to piss off a room full of Witches)

Michelle Gruben beginner festivals groups opinion pagan

Pagan ritual etiquette

Emily Post never wrote about proper behavior at Pagan rituals. Fortunately, there's always been common sense (and the Golden Rule) to guide us.

Even so, a lot of people get nervous about attending Pagan rituals. Especially if they're not Pagan or have never been to one before.) What am I supposed to do, or not do? Are there any special rules that apply only to Pagans? Mostly, you'll find that being polite at a Pagan gathering is the same as being polite at any other public occasion.

The following eight etiquette tips aren’t rules. Pagans...

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Five (and a half) ways to build psychic rapport and improve your readings

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Psychic rapport between two people

There are many scenarios in which it’s useful to create a temporary psychic bond between individuals. Perhaps you are about to do a reading or healing for a client. Maybe you’re about to work together in a magickal spell or ritual. Or maybe you just want to use your psychic skills to be a better listener, listening to the person’s energy as well as their words.

Here are some easy ways to tune in psychically to another person. (You probably already use one or more of these methods!) Most can be used in...

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