The Shaman Box (Deck Review)

The Shaman Box deck review

Thanks to Andhe Standiford for providing this guest review of The Shaman Box! This exciting new title is now available in the shop.

The Shaman Box measures 8 inches tall by 6 inches wide, by 1 inch deep. It has a weight and the feel of a small hardcover book. Inside you will find a deck of 36 animal oracle cards on the left side, and a softcover 96-page book titled "The Shaman Box" on the right side.

Shaman Box guidebook

The Shaman Box Animal Oracle Cards contain 36 beautiful black and white illustrations of totem animals done in a style reminiscent of the Salish tribe of the Pacific Northwest. Each card has the name of the animal, and a list of qualities associated with that animal. These easy to read cards are meant to be used as spirit guides to help you enhance your intuition and bring deeper insight on your inner self. Pages 90-93 of the Shaman Box book for more information.

Shaman Box all cards

The Shaman Box book, Tools for Healing, Protection and Good Fortune, is a primer for those interested in practicing one of the oldest and most widespread magical practices-- shamanic magic. Shamanic magic is practiced on every continent of the world, and has been for tens of thousands of years. Using beautiful full-color illustrations, this book describes shamanic practices and tools used around the world. Learn about The World of the Shaman, The Tools of the Shaman, how to Walk your Own Path, and how to use the Shamanic Oracle Cards in your shamanic practice!  

Shaman Box book inside

The Shaman Box is recommended for beginners interested in shamanic magic or those curious about how to integrate shamanic practices into their daily practice. It is visually appealing, easy to read, and the simple oracle cards are an easy start for someone looking to get into card reading, but who feels intimidated by 52-card decks with big accompanying manuals. The fact that these cards have the meaning printed on them makes them very simple for anyone to read.

Shaman Box reading

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