Fluted Brass Altar Bell (4 Inches)

  • $ 10.50

A simple brass altar bell with a fluted design. Approximately 4 inches tall with a 1.75 inch diameter bell lip.
Material: Brass
Dimensions: Approx. 4 inches (height), 1.75 inches (width)
About the Bell

For thousands of years, people have believed that the ringing of bells (especially church bells) had the power to drive away evil spirits.  And it’s true that the ringing of a bell causes sound vibrations that have great power.  A bell with a lovely tone commands the attention and draws beautiful, healing energy to the listener. 

Bells may be used to rid a space of negative energy, to aid in meditation and trance states, or to focus the attention of a magickal circle.  Perhaps because its shape mirrors the feminine symbol of the chalice, the bell is sometimes used in Wiccan practice to invoke the Goddess.

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