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Celtic Dragon Bronze Pendant

Celtic Dragon Bronze Pendant

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Carry a bit of the Dragon’s wild spirit with you when you wear this beautiful cast bronze pendant. Measuring an inch and a half tall, its scales and wings show exquisite handcrafted detail.

This pendant includes a black woven cord and comes on a display card that describes the Dragon’s place in Celtic lore. Made in the United States of real cast bronze.

Material: Bronze
Dimensions: Approx. 1.5 inches (height), 1.25 inches (widest point)

About the Dragon

Dragons are renowned in many cultures for their wisdom and fierce protective power. Considered to be the noblest of all creatures, the image of a Dragon inspires these qualities in its wearer. Honesty, courage, guardianship and mystery are all Dragon traits. The Dragon is a master of all the elements, but in Western culture is especially associated with Fire.

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