Faery Star Chime Candle Holder (Gold)

  • $ 2.00

This mini candle holder is an essential accessory for anyone who practices candle magick. The prongs can be bent inward slightly to hold your spell candle in place.

This chime candle holder fits 1/2 inch-diamter mini (chime) candles only. Browse matching candles here.

Dimensions: Approx. 2 inches across
Material: Gold-toned aluminum

Made in Germany.

About the Faery Star

The seven-pointed star (septagram, Faery Star, Fairy Star or Elven Star) is a symbol that is used by some Faery practitioners instead of (or in addition to) the five-pointed pentagram. The Faery star can be used as a protective shield, a focal point for meditation, or a gateway to the Other realms.  The number seven is important to many traditions and may represent the seven directions (North, South, East, West, Above, Below, and Within), the seven planets, the seven colors—or any of the many sacred things that come in groups of seven.

Read more about the Faery Star here.

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