Sweetgrass Braid 20"

Sweetgrass Braid 20"

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With its calming, vanilla-like aroma, Sweetgrass is used for cleansing, blessing, and healing. Along with White Sage, Tobacco, and Cedar, it is one of the Four Sacred Medicines native to the Americas.

In Plains Indians lore, Sweetgrass is said to be the hair of the Earth Mother. Traditionally it is burned sparingly by clipping portions of the braid onto burning coals.

Our Sweetgrass incense is wildcrafted in the United States and braided by hand. Sweetgrass braid measures 20 inches or longer when uncoiled.

Sorry, herbs cannot be shipped outside of the United States and Canada due to Customs restrictions. Not an Indian-made product under U.S. code Title 18 Chapter 53.


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