Tumbled Unakite Bracelet

  • $ 10.00

Made of natural Unakite stone, this bracelet is a wonderful way to wear a favorite crystal! The elastic bracelet stretches to fit most wrist sizes. It's made of smooth tumbled stones (not chips) which are beautiful and comfortable to wear, too.

Stone size, count and color will vary in this natural product. Bracelet measures about 7-8 inches (unstretched).

About Unakite

This unique stone was first discovered in the Unakas mountains of North Carolina.  It is a granite-like stone with mottled green and pink patterns. Its other name, Epidote, means "growing together" in Greek.

In crystal healing, Unakite is used to draw off negative energy from the Heart Chakra. It is said to encourage confidence and healthy balance, and to aid in resolving personal differences.

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