Dragon's Blood Resin Incense (1/2 oz)

  • $ 6.50

Dragon's Blood is a rare tree resin used to empower all types of magickal spells. When burned as an incense, it has a complex, haunting fragrance. Comes in a 1/2 oz bag.

This is pure Daemonorops draco from Sumatra, Indonesia. It is especially rare in its purity and natural bright red color, as many Dragon's Blood resins on the market have been adulterated with less expensive Damar resins.

Intended for true incense lovers, resin incenses offer you the purest traditional fragrances without fillers or binders. To use, burn over charcoal in a censer, stone dish, or brazier. (New to resins? Check out our detailed instructions for burning resin incense.)

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