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Horus Pendant

Horus Pendant

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A pewter pendant depicting the Egyptian deity Horus. The winged Falcon God is a timeless emblem of protection and power.

The pendant comes with a black woven cord that can be tied to any length, or swapped for a chain or cord of your own. Made in the United States of lead-free pewter

Material: Lead-free pewter

Dimensions: Approx. 1.1 inches (height), 1.1 inches (width), 1.25 inches (total height with jump ring)

About Horus

Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris, born of the union of the Earth and the Underworld. He has three aspects: He is the Divine Child, the Chief, and the Divine Consort. He is a god of the sky, and his two eyes are the sun and the moon. Horus is believed to be a powerful protector spirit, and carrying his image is said to protect one from all kinds of harm.

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