Wicca Sealing Wax Kit (Purple with Triquetra Stamp)

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Create beautiful, traditional seals with this sealing wax kit.  Secure your spells and rituals the old-fashioned way, or add some Celtic flair to your greeting cards and handwritten notes. Attractively packaged, it makes a fun gift for the witch or wizard who has everything. May be used on flat or folded paper.

Replacement sealing wax is available in many colors, both online and in stationery shops.

Includes one (1) natural purple wax stick and one (1) die-cut metal stamp.

Box dimensions: 4 inches x 3.15 inches

Seal diameter: .65 inch

Triquetra Symbolism 

The Triquetra is an interwoven Celtic knot with three points.  Also known as a “trinity knot,” it may represent the Holy Trinity or the Triple Goddess, and is sacred to both Christians and Pagans.  In contemporary Ireland, the Triquetra is often used in lovers’ tokens and represents the three promises “to love, to honor, and to protect”.

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