Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt (2 oz)

  • $ 4.00

The salt of the Himalayas has a marvelous reputation for both magickal and culinary uses. It gets its rosy pink color from small amounts of naturally occurring minerals. In spellwork, pink salt is used for purification, self-love, and connecting with the Earth.

A versatile ingredient for cleansing and banishing, salt belongs on every magickal altar and herb cabinet! Here are just a few common metaphysical uses for salt:

Bless a home or ritual space.
Add a few grains to a protection charm, mojo bag or spell bottle.
Cleanse and consecrate altar tools.
Use on an altar to represent the element of Earth.
Dissolve in water to make a cleansing bath for crystals or scrying mirrors.
Touch or taste salt after trance/energy work to help ground yourself.
Combine with herbs and/or oils to make custom bath salts for any magickal purpose.

Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt

Weight: Approx. 2 oz (excluding packaging)

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