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Love spells are one of the most common forms of magickal intervention. After all, love makes the world go 'round! There are many types of love magick spells, from simple and innocent to lusty and devious.

Love-drawing spells are meant to attract a new partner into your life. Self-love spells help remove negative thoughts and open your heart to receiving love. Couples' spells work to renew the passion or commitment that already exists in a relationship. Beauty, attraction, and glamour spells are worked on yourself, to make you more alluring to others. While we don't necessarily recommend it, lots of people are looking for spells to make someone fall in love with them, get back an ex-lover, or stop a partner from straying.

Many traditional love spell ingredients have not changed for many centuries. Pink and red stones, sweet-smelling herbs, and sensual flowers are common love-drawing talismans. Use a pink candle for romantic love, or a red candle for sexual passion. (Lavender candles are good for attracting the love of a friend or companion.) The best time of day to cast a spell for new love is at dawn, and the best day of the week is Friday. As with any magickal task, positive thinking is essential to casting successful love spells.

Here, we've gathered together all our best-selling love magick tools—herbs and gemstones, ritual candles, perfumes and baths. May you find the love you seek!

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