About Us 2019

Michelle at Grove and Grotto's booth

Greetings and welcome to Grove and Grotto! We are a family-owned Pagan store operating online since 2014. I’m Michelle, the owner (and shop fairy). Read on to find out more about our business and magickal philosophy:

Our history

Grove and Grotto was founded in June 2014. Our metaphysical shop merges two lifelong passions—crafting and magick—into one enterprise. We believe that practically any object can be magickal. (But unique, handmade and beautiful tools are even more so!)  We strive to offer an assortment of products that serve a wide variety of Pagan and occult paths.

I grew up as a “spooky” kid on the cusp of the Internet age. While there were a few online message boards serving Pagan folks, my main resource for understanding my mystical and paranormal experiences were books and a few trusted peers. The crystal shops, yoga parlors, and tiny botanicas in my home city were like a walled garden that I dared not venture into. I graduated from the University of Texas in 2006 and began a career as a chef, while indulging my occult interest on the sly. I published two books on Tarot (under the name Emmie McKellen) and eventually decided to take the leap into being a full-time weirdo.

These days, I’m about as “out there” as you can be. I operate Grove and Grotto and stay active in the Dallas-Fort Worth Pagan community—occasionally even finding time to don wings on the weekends! I’m a Tarot reader, energy worker, scryer, and trance junkie. I consider myself a “sensible occultist”—I don’t know how everything works, and that’s okay. I use a combination of study, observation, and intuition to arrive at working theories. Though I’m grateful for the tutelage of some accomplished folks, I have no formal initiation or rank in any magickal order or Pagan tradition.

My crafting interests include woodturning, beading, bookmaking, painting and drawing, costuming, embroidery, and more. Many of the handmade items sold at Grove and Grotto are my creations. Check ‘em out on Pinterest!

Our mission

Magick is everywhere, and a growing number of people are waking up to its power. What a shame if all there was to choose from was stuffy ceremonial rites, tepid by-the-book Wicca, or wispy New Age philosophy. Real magick takes work—but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a great delight. We aim to support both serious magickal practice and the sense of wonder that comes with embarking on one’s true spiritual path. Simply put, we want to create a magickal store that we would enjoy shopping at.

Running a magickal business is never just about moving product. We’re in business to sell, but also to educate, inspire, and entertain. Through our efforts, we hope to increase the acceptance of this magickal reality among those who are open to it.

Taking care of our customers

At Grove and Grotto, we’re committed to the quality of the items we ship. When I wear my “purchasing manager” hat, I look at each new product with a critical eye. If it’s not something I use (or could use) in my own practice, I won’t stock it. This means that Grove and Grotto has a smaller catalog than the occult mega-stores, but it also means that our customers receive only the very best. We are not a drop-shipping company. We personally handle and ship our merchandise, rather than forwarding your order to another company for processing.

Our friendly shop elves listen to customer feedback and respond promptly to complaints and suggestions. I also write free articles on magick and Pagan practice for this website's blog. (Here's a list of the most popular content.)

Since opening, we’ve shipped over 25,000 orders to happy customers. Grove and Grotto has also been involved in many community events, both as a vendor and a sponsor. For our upcoming appearances, please see our festival schedule on the "Contact" page.

Grove and Grotto booth at Granbury Paranormal Expo

 Taking care of our community

As magickal people, we’re well aware that our success is intertwined with the success of others. We strive to be good citizens in the world and in the marketplace.

Grove and Grotto prefers to purchase items from small businesses locally and abroad. Lots of our merchandise comes from Pagan artisans who make their living in the wholesale trade. When we work with importers, we choose those companies that do business ethically in other parts of the world. All of our herbs, smudge sticks and Palo Santo products are sustainably cultivated and/or harvested from the wild.

Our philosophy is one of “conscious consumption.” We stock our shelves with quality materials like stone, wood and leather which will last a lifetime if properly cared for. (As Pagans, we don’t have a problem with objects made from trees and animals, provided these items are treated respectfully and made to endure.) We re-use and recycle packing materials whenever possible. Items that are damaged or can’t be sold are donated or recycled into new projects.


Twice a year (at the Spring and Fall equinoxes), I write a blog post about what new projects and changes are afoot at Grove and Grotto. They offer a unique peek behind the scenes of our metaphysical shop. Catch up on past updates here.


Looking for wholesale? We offer select products wholesale to businesses through our sister site, Labyrinth Trading.