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Howdy! You've landed on the hub page for Michelle Gruben, Pagan writer. In an effort to organize the chaos, I've set up links to the most popular written content at Grove and Grotto. We host dozens and dozens of articles on diverse magickal topics.

All of this Pagan and magickal writing is free and easily available. You don't need to download an e-book, sign up for a class, or give me your email address to access it.

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These are some of the "greatest hits" from the Grove and Grotto blog:

General Magick/Reference

Articles about Magick

Wicca questions answered: Basic facts about Wicca and Paganism

20 common incenses and what to use them for

Magickal timing: Choosing the right day of the week for your spell

Defining "intention": What does it mean in magick?

Holy crap! On the proper disposal of magickal trash

Grounding in under a minute: Energetic "quick fixes"

White magick, black magick: What's the difference?

Candle colors and their meanings

The eight Sabbats: Witch's holidays

What's up with energy play? Six secrets of fun and consensual energy sharing

Tarot and Divination

Articles about Tarot

Tarot myths debunked! Nine rules of Tarot you can (mostly) ignore

The six best Tarot decks for beginners

Which divination method is right for you? Five ways to explore psychic gifts

Tarot vs. oracle decks: What's the difference?

Tarot beginner? Straight answers to newbie questions about the cards

Pendulum basics: How to use a pendulum for dowsing

Magickal Herbalism

Articles about Magickal Herbalism

A Witch's glossary of herbs

How does herbal magick work, anyway? Four theories

What plants and herbs are attributed to Air? (also, Earth, Fire, and Water)

Sage advice: An illustrated guide to smudging herbs

The Faery dozen: 12 herbs for Faery gardens, offerings, and magick


Articles about Spellcasting

Why didn’t my spell work? Five reasons that magick fails

Circle-casting basics: All you need to know about magick circles

Money magick that works: Four ingredients of successful prosperity spells

Spell detection 101: How to know if someone is doing witchcraft on you

The Fiery Wall of Protection (Quick and dirty version)

Tools and Toys

Articles about Tools and Toys

Free witchcraft supplies: Nine tools of the craft that are totally (or nearly) free

Let's talk athames! Choosing a ritual knife

How to make a chakra stone set

The eight (or nine, or 13) tools of Wicca

How to cleanse and charge a new amulet or talisman

Choosing a rune set: A beginners guide

Starting a crystal collection on a budget

The magick of seashells

Pagan Community

Article about Pagan Community

Pagan ritual etiquette (or, how to not piss off a room full of Witches)

Why do people become Pagan: The top ten reasons

No time for witch wars: How I learned to stop worrying and get on with the magick

A village of witches: Witchcraft's supply and demand problem

What to bring to a Pagan festival: Your other packing list


Personal Writings

Michelle Gruben

Pagan adulthood: Expectations vs. reality

Making peace with plastic: Thoughts on (perhaps) the least magickal stuff on Earth

The wisdom of sloth: Embracing the lesser-known spirit animals

Back to Nature? Not likely. Thoughts on a sensible modern Paganism

Author's notes

I have set up the store's blog not just to be fodder for the search engines, but to be engaging and helpful to readers as well. The above list includes two classes of articles: The ones that pull in the most search traffic, and the ones that I think represent my best work.

Looking for more? A big old list of articles appears here, sorted by publication date. The newest stuff appears at the top, and stretches backwards to about 2014. I hereby absolve myself of any responsibility for anything written six or more months ago. What can I say? I'm always learning.

Speaking of which, you are invited to comment on any article, whether you agree or disagree. I do look at the blog comments periodically. But due to the limitations of my blogging platform and my own intermittent bouts of shyness, I'm not able to reply directly. If you have a question, customer service issue, or urgent correction, please email the shop at the address on our contact page.

I write occasionally for small Pagan publications. But I prefer to self-publish. The Grove and Grotto website is the best place to find my raw, uncensored Faery magick scribbling. (I have also written a book on Tarot and another on running a crafty business. You can download them for a few bucks on Amazon.)

I enjoy chatting with other Pagan writers. Drop me a note sometime for a guest blog swap!

Feel free to link to any page on the site or share them on social media. Please don't copy and paste the text or present my words as your own. That's illegal, annoying, and I will find out about it (eventually).

Go here to view everything in the archive. You can search articles using the store search function. You can also hop around by keyword—some suggested ones are pagan, beginner, materials, herbs, and of course, opinion.

Thank you for reading!

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