The Fiery Wall of Protection

Fiery Wall of Protection

The Fiery Wall of Protection is a folk magick ritual to stop someone from bothering you. Like most spells that have been passed down through oral traditions, it has countless variations. A Fiery Wall can be constructed with just a few household items—and of course, your properly focused will.

Here is a very simple recipe for a Fiery Wall of Protection. (The way I learned it from my teachers, with a few personal notes added.) I call it the quick-and-dirty version. Anybody can do this spell and see positive results almost immediately. You can customize this spell to your individual circumstances, and I’ll tell you how.

What it does:

The Fiery Wall of Protection sends a powerful message to your opponent that you are wise to their crap and you’re not going to take it anymore. It protects your personal energy from intrusion and disruption. It strengthens your aura and home shields with the energy of Fire. It reminds you that you have friends in high places and anyone that wants to mess with you is going to have to work a lot harder from now on. It may be used against any adversary, human or non-human.

What it does not do:

A Fiery Wall of Protection is not a curse, binding, or reversal spell (not really). It does not punish your enemy for past sins, and it does not prevent them from transferring their negative attentions to someone else. It’s also not a substitute for medical or legal services, so please seek help if you are ill or have been a victim of a crime.

Oh, and this probably goes without saying, but the Fiery Wall is a defensive magickal technique. It really only works if someone else is the instigator. If you’re the one trying to cause pain and consternation, look beyond it to more aggressive spells (and watch your back).

You will need:

A white candle (votive, taper, chime, your choice)

A black, grey, or other color candle (same size)

Something to make the Wall itself (salt, herbs, piece of string)

A statue, picture, amulet, or candle to represent your Helper (more on that later)

Your Candle

White candle

The white candle represents you in the current situation, your pure and blameless state. (White is traditionally used this way in candle magick—but if you don't like it, feel free to use another color that represents purity to you.) This candle will go in the center of your altar or work space.

Before preparing the central candle, you may want to take a few moments to purify yourself. Take a cleansing bath or shower, do some yoga or meditation, drink water, go for a little walk. Try to let go of all immediate anger and noisy thoughts surrounding the situation. Instead, anticipate how good you’ll feel once the trouble has passed.

On that note, if you're currently doing anything to pester your enemy, knock it off. You're about to magickally claim the moral high ground and seal yourself off from the other party. Any lingering ill will is just going to get in the way.

Carve your name in the candle (but don’t light it yet). If you have a sacred or magickal name, use that instead. You can anoint the candle with Protection Oil, Keep Away Trouble Oil or your favorite all-purpose anointing oil. I like Dragon’s Blood or Frankincense for their powerful Earth/Fire energy.

Enemy Candle

Enemy candle

The other candle represents whoever or whatever you need protection from. This can be a person, group of people, or concept—but it’s easier if it’s something you can easily visualize and name. The second candle should be around the same size and shape of the white one (not too much bigger or smaller).

The enemy candle can be any color except white. I use black if the opponent is purely nasty and grey if their motives are unknown or unclear. Orange can represent a person who's aggressive and self-serving. But it’s really up to you.

If you know your foe's favorite color or astrological sign, you could use that information to choose the candle color. Or just pick the ugliest smooshed-up candle in your drawer, the one that smells like cheap perfume and is a color you hate.

Carve your adversary’s name on the second candle. Some people also like to include a photo of the enemy, or a piece of hair or clothing. That’s great if you have access to those things. You can also include a small token alongside the enemy candle which represents the kind of harm they would try to cause. (A coin if the person is trying to cheat you for money, a nail if they’ve threatened you physically, a thorn if they’re a thorn in your side, etc.)

The Wall

Black salt

Now you need to find some kind of material to make a barrier. Black salt is a classic choice for a Wall of Protection. Ordinary table salt will do the trick, too. Use the salt alone or blend it with the herbs and oils for your own Fiery Wall mix.

My fave recipe uses Sea Salt, Wormwood and Stinging Nettle. Grind it all up in a cauldron with five drops of Banishing oil. Oh yeah.

But honestly, any material will work for the Wall as long as it has some backbone to it. If you don’t have herbs or salt, you can use a piece of black or red string. Some Witches get all showy with flash paper. Here in Texas, I’ve even seen people collect snips of barbed wire for protection spells. Whatever makes you happy.

Decide on your wall’s “construction material” and keep it handy.

The Helper

Justice Tarot card

The final component of the Fiery Wall of Protection is what I call the Helper, the higher being who will lend their power to help keep your enemy at bay. 

Your Helper should be one who knows and sympathizes with your case—an ancestor, angel, patron saint or deity. Pick someone who is wise, just, and powerful. St. Michael the Archangel is a very popular and willing helper in protective magick. (And you can get a St. Michael candle at almost any corner store.) Pagans may prefer to invoke a warrior God or Goddess to come to their aid.

I don’t recommend employing demons, elementals, or chaotic gods for this working. Why? Because the Fiery Wall is not about wreaking senseless havoc on people who have wronged you. It’s about maintaining boundaries and preventing future harm. In other words, find a Helper whose alignment is Lawful Neutral to Lawful Good.

If you’re a non-theistic Witch, you could skip the Helper part of the spell, but I really don’t recommend it. Everybody has vulnerabilities and weak moments—that’s how your enemy was able to get under your skin in the first place. Calling on someone or something bigger than yourself lends power to the spell. Call it the Sun, spirit fire, the Genius or Higher Self. I’ve even used the Justice or Adjustment card from the Tarot. Your Helper will stay vigilant for you when you need a break.

You’ll represent the Helper in your spell with a statue, amulet, picture, or other item. You can use a candle, naturally—but if you do so it should be bigger than the two other candles on the altar.

Casting a Fiery Wall of Protection

Fiery Wall of Protection

Here’s how you set up the altar for a Fiery Wall of Protection:

The prepared white candle, representing yourself, goes in the very center of the altar. The other candle, representing your adversary, goes in front of it, directly across from your physical body. (Any tokens or other items go beside or underneath.) The two candles are positioned in a straight line, almost like you’re confronting your enemy directly from both sides.

Now get ahold of your barrier material, the one you decided on earlier. Using the salt, herbs, string, or what-have-you, build a circle around the white candle. Do this deliberately, making it as perfectly round and complete as possible. Your candle is now enclosed in a circle, with the enemy candle on the outside. Good riddance.

A couple of tips: Using a bag with a hole cut in one corner is a good way to pour out ritual salt. A very small spoon works, too. If you're using string, tie the ends in three knots and place the knots between the two candles. I've heard of people soaking the string in vinegar, chili oil, or bug repellent. If you’re working outside on the ground, you can even dig a “moat” in the soil and place your barrier items in there. (Not quick, but plenty dirty!)

The item representing your Helper goes just outside the circle, to your left. (Which would be to your right side if you were standing inside the circle and facing your enemy.)

Take a few deep breaths, and begin. You’ll start in the enemy’s corner, because they’re the one who started all this in the first place. (Right?) This is the black or grey or orange candle outside the circle, the one closest to you.

Light the enemy candle. Staring intently at the candle, say,

“[Enemy], I see you. I’m aware of your [summary of past misdeeds] and will no longer tolerate your garbage. Do as you will, but harm me not.”

Or something similar. It’s not poetry, but you get the idea. Let the words you choose fit the circumstances and your intention for this spell.

Now light the white candle, the one within the circle. As it burns, see the light fill the circle and enflame the protective ring.  If you’re mad, now is the time to get really mad. (This is a Fire working, after all.) Let your anger feed the wall, causing it to rise higher and burn brighter, completely shutting out your enemy. Say,

“My body is my own. My mind is my own. My home is my own. No evil can enter this circle of fire. I see those who would harm me, and I laugh at their frustration! I will succeed despite your best efforts to mess me up!”

Finally, call upon your Helper to amplify and maintain your Fiery Wall. Spend a few minutes praying and meditating on the Helper's power. They're bigger than you, and they've got your back. Here are some example prayers:

"Saint Michael Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; may God rebuke him, we humbly pray."

“Mighty Warrior Athena, my cause is just. Look on me with favor in this struggle. May I prevail over my enemy who wishes me harm, and may [enemy] grow in wisdom and see the error of his ways.”

“O Fire of the Sun, long may you burn. Thou hearest me not, and yet I raise my voice to the sky that my foe might hear these magick words: Fuck off eternally, thou son of a dog and camel.”

Blow out the enemy candle, savoring their withering disappointment at not being able to bother you anymore. Place the Helper item on your altar or somewhere you can see it every day. (If it's an amulet, you can wear it.) Dispose of the candles and other ritual items. Go about your business with a smile.

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