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What to expect at a Pagan festival

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What to expect at a Pagan festival

Thinking about attending a Pagan festival? Great! Festivals are a fabulous way to meet like-minded friends, nurture the mind and spirit, and be part of a vibrant, celebratory community.

But there’s a lot to consider before you pitch your tent and go bounding toward the revel fire. This article will help you sidestep some of the newbie mistakes that can dampen your enjoyment of a Pagan festival. We’ll touch on what to expect, how to pack, how not to be a jerk, and how not to miss out on the wonderful...

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Pagan Pride Day roundup: All the 2017 events in one place

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2017 Pagan Pride Day Roundup

Summer is coming, and that means plans for Pagan Pride 2017 are underway. As you probably know, Pagan Pride Day isn’t just one day—it’s an entire season stretching from August to November. Pagan communities across North and South America host weekend events to gather their members, raise money for charity, and educate the public about Pagans and Paganism. Now is the time to make plans and get involved!

What follows is a roundup of the Pagan Pride Day gatherings expected to happen in the United States this fall. The...

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What to bring to a Pagan festival: Your other packing list

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What to bring to a Pagan festival

From late Spring to Fall, Pagan camping season is in full swing. It's a time to meet up with old friends, share music and ritual, and enjoy some time with Nature. If you're like us, annual campouts with kindred souls may just be the highlight of the year!

Any gathering is better when you're well-prepared. Once you've made your list of basic camping gear (bedding, sunscreen, etc.), here's a few more ideas to make your trip a memorable one:

Food or drink to share. 

Nothing breaks the ice like breaking...

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