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New Witch's Runes!

Michelle Gruben divination grove and grotto runes tools


Witch's Runes


We're excited to announce the completion of our new Witch's Runes! Our exclusive set of eight rune tiles will be available in the shop at the beginning of August 2018. (Hooray! They're here.)

The Eight Witch's Runes are an extremely accurate, concise, and portable oracle. The system has its roots in the early human art of lithomancy, where stones, bones, and wood tiles were shuffled as a method of divination. The Witch's Runes use simple, evocative symbols to provoke a universal response.

Our Witch's Runes are burned onto...

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Grove and Grotto Spring 2018 update

Michelle Gruben grove and grotto update

Spring 2018 update

Hard to believe it’s that time of year again…but here I am (Michelle the shop fairy) with our semi-annual update on what’s new at the Grove.


Michelle in Tucson

The freshest and most exciting news on my mind is our Tucson gemstone haul! We got back from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show about three weeks ago.

Last year was my first time making the trip to buy gems in person, and it was a bit overwhelming. This time I was more on my game and arrived with a plan…and a rental...

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Grove and Grotto Fall 2017 update

Michelle Gruben business grove and grotto update

Hi y’all, and welcome to another edition of the Grove and Grotto semi-annual update. Every Spring and Fall, we give you an insider's peek at what’s going at the sweetest little magick shop in Texas. We're coasting off yummy intense energy from yesterday's Solar eclipse, and just can't wait till Mabon to share some store news.

Grove and Grotto 2017 flyer

Our Spring update was one of our most-viewed social media posts of all time. I feel super honored that so many people are following our progress online. And humbled...

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Grove and Grotto Spring 2017 update

Michelle Gruben business grove and grotto update

Michelle Gruben of Grove and Grotto

Hi folks! Just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s been happening around the shop. As usual, we’ve been hard at work on new products and partnerships. As we approach our third anniversary, we’re as driven as ever to make Grove and Grotto a unique destination for Pagan shopping on the web.

New Products

Prosperity Spell Pendant by Christopher Penczak

Several new product lines have been added to the shop since our last update. We’re proud to carry jewelry and altar supplies from a variety of craftspeople here...

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Grove and Grotto Fall 2016 update

Michelle Gruben business grove and grotto update

Grove and Grotto at Houston Pagan Pride

Greetings from your favorite Faery Pagan online boutique! The weather's finally getting cooler here in Texas. We're moving into Samhain season--or, in some traditions, the end of the Pagan year. It feels like a good time to take a minute and update you all on what Grove and Grotto has been up to in 2016:

Online Store

I've made a lot of small but constructive changes to the online store. Taking new photos, fleshing out product descriptions, updating checkout and navigation, and writing regular blog articles. The goal is to make...

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