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Grove and Grotto Spring 2019 update

Michelle Gruben business update

Greetings! It’s your friendly shop fairy Michelle with some updates on what’s new at the Grove!

2018 was a very busy year. We’ve added hundreds of new products and made many other changes and improvements. Here’s some highlights:

New products

The Magick Cupboard incense

We have a new house brand of resin incense, packaged under the Magick Cupboard label. Some of the pre-packaged resins we received weren’t meeting our quality standards, so we ditched them and started producing our own. The Magick Cupboard resins are shop-tested, practically dust-free versions of the world’s best...

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Getting a psychic reading: An insider's guide

Michelle Gruben beginner business divination energy opinion

Getting a psychic reading

I sense…there’s something you’re searching for. It’s becoming clearer…

I’ve got it! You’re curious about getting a psychic reading!

The topic of psychic readings is one that is shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding. In this article, we’ll delve into what goes on behind that lacy dragonfly curtain at your local witchy emporium. We’ll take a balanced look at scams and skepticism—two subjects that most people in the psychic industry don’t want to talk about. We’ll also touch on how you can prepare yourself to get the most out of your time with a psychic...

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Selling magick without selling your soul: Thoughts on Pagan business ethics

Michelle Gruben business opinion

Selling magick without selling your soul

There’s not many places you can go to shop for a love spell these days. Or a haunted doll. Or a candle that will make your neighbors move out. Purveyors of magickal services have been driven into the back alleys of the internet, never to be seen again on reputable shopping sites.

eBay has banned listings for spells and psychic readings since 2012. Etsy did a major purge of witches-for-hire in 2015. Increasingly, payment processors such as Stripe are dealing out warnings and account shutdowns for merchants whose businesses are tainted with...

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Grove and Grotto Fall 2017 update

Michelle Gruben business grove and grotto update

Hi y’all, and welcome to another edition of the Grove and Grotto semi-annual update. Every Spring and Fall, we give you an insider's peek at what’s going at the sweetest little magick shop in Texas. We're coasting off yummy intense energy from yesterday's Solar eclipse, and just can't wait till Mabon to share some store news.

Grove and Grotto 2017 flyer

Our Spring update was one of our most-viewed social media posts of all time. I feel super honored that so many people are following our progress online. And humbled...

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Why small Pagan businesses should avoid Etsy

Michelle Gruben business opinion

Etsy Voodoo doll

Thinking about taking your handmade Pagan wares to Etsy? Maybe don’t. As a longtime market watcher (and erstwhile Etsy seller), I can attest that Etsy is one of the worst venues to try and start a Pagan or magickal business. I cleared the shelves of my Etsy store in 2015, and have never looked back.

Etsy has certainly had its ups and downs. In 2015, Etsy went public to a tepid response, and endured a direct challenge from Amazon’s new venture, Amazon Handmade. However, the company has since recovered to become one...

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