Ten great gifts for dragon lovers

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Gifts for Dragon Lovers

Dragons symbolize courage, mystery, and ancient wisdom. Dragons (it must also be said) love to get presents and hoard stuff. We've roamed the virtual aisles at Grove and Grotto in search of our top ten picks for the dragon fan in your life:

1. Dragon's Blood Smudges

Dragon's blood smudges in chest

One of our most popular products overall, Dragon's Blood smudging wands are a favorite tool for the draconic witch or wizard. The powerful blend of White Sage and Dragon's Blood resin is an excellent choice for cleaning out your lair.

2. Celtic Wisdom Dragon Pendant

Celtic Wisdom Dragon Pendant

We absolutely love this cast pewter medallion from Deva Designs. Family-owned, they make their inspiring pewter crafts right here in the United States. The pendant has an inscription to remind the recipient, "Believe in yourself and magic will happen."

3. Imperial Dragon Oracle

Imperial Dragon Oracle

A 22-card oracle deck that also (surprise!) a Majors-only Tarot. Classic fantasy illustrations feature the wisdom of many types of dragons. An easy-to-read deck that will appeal to anyone who connects with Dragon energy.

4. Black Smudge Pot with Coaster

Smudge pot

Dragons enjoy setting things on fire—sometimes a little too much. Contain the ashes of destruction in this simple black smudge pot, useful for incense and candles, too. A separate wood coaster protects tabletops from the wrath of the flames.

5. Dragon's Blood Spell Writing Kit

Dragon's Blood Spell Writing Kit

Looking like something out of Harry Potter, our parchment spell writing kits are designed for doing spells the old fashioned way. Comes with a red feather quill and an ounce of magickal red ink.

6. Dragon Thor's Hammer Pendant

Dragon Thor's Hammer Pendant

For the dragon lover of the North, a pewter Thor's Hammer pendant. Two symbols of power and protection combine to make one badass necklace.

7. Fantastical Creatures Tarot

Fantastical Creatures Tarot

All kinds of mythical creatures show up in this popular fantasy deck. (But I promise, there's a lot of dragons.) A great pick for the draconic Witch who is also a Tarot reader...

8. Draconis Tarot Bag

Draconis Tarot Bag

...and you can put it in here! This fully lined satin Tarot bag features artwork by Draconis Tarot illustrator David Corsi.

9. Dragon's Orb Pendant

Dragon's claw orb

These pendants are very popular with kids at our festival appearance, and adults too. A lead-free pewter dragon claw holds a colored glass sphere. They're available in several different colors! Pick out the perfect hue for a fire, water, or earth dragon.

10. Dragon's Blood Incense

Hem Dragon's Blood incense

If you're on a budget, you could always just grab a couple of boxes of Dragon's Blood incense. This version by HEM captures the resin's musky, mysterious aroma and comes with a small burner plate.

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