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Dragon's Blood Spell Writing Kit

Dragon's Blood Spell Writing Kit

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Craft your spells and rituals the old-fashioned way with this handy all-in-one kit. The Dragon’s Blood ink adds potency to your words and symbols, while the parchment paper makes a great addition to a grimoire or Book of Shadows. This kit features the full-size sheets of parchment, which can be cut, folded or rolled to suit your purposes. 
Dragon's Blood is an all-purpose ritual ink, used for spells of protection, power, and many other magickal aims.

Kit includes:

One bottle of Dragon’s Blood ink (1 oz)

Five sheets of parchment paper (8.5 x 11 inches)

One red writing feather

Instruction sheet

About Dragon’s Blood
Not actually the blood from real dragons (as you might have known) Dragon’s Blood is a red resin that is obtained from various plants. It has been used since ancient times for making inks, incenses and varnishes. It is used in Hoodoo and Witchcraft to inscribe magical seals and talismans.
Dragon’s Blood ink comes in a glass bottle and has a dramatic red pigment. It’s perfect for empowering your magickal writings. If you like, you can enhance its power by adding a fragrance that suits the working.

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