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6-Inch Basic Candle (Red)

6-Inch Basic Candle (Red)

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A solid-color, unscented red candle for your altar. Made in the United States.

Red candles are used for spells of passion and power. Read more about candle colors and their meanings here.


Available in ten colors, these household candles are great for candle magick. They're made in the USA from pure paraffin wax, non-toxic dyes, and 100% braided cotton wicks with no metal components. Our basic candles are not overdipped and may have surface imperfections from the molding process. 

Candles measure approximately 6 inches long and 3/4 inch in diameter. Burn time averages 5-7 hours. Due to differences in dye lots and your monitor settings, the exact color may vary from the photo. Trim wick and secure candle before burning.

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