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Animal-Speak Pewter Animal Charm (Single)

Animal-Speak Pewter Animal Charm (Single)

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Explore the spiritual power of the animal world! From author Ted Andrews and Deva Designs, Animal-Speak pewter pocket stones reveal a wealth of animal wisdom. Available in 28 designs, you can choose your favorite animal or connect with a new animal ally.

Each pocket stone features a raised animal emblem on the front and an inspirational message on the reverse. Sold individually—please make your selection from the drop-down menu. Each comes with a small gift pouch.

Dimensions: Approx. 1.25 in (diameter)

Made in the United States of fine lead-free pewter.

Bear – Draw upon your inner strength and potentials

Buffalo – Balance brings abundance & blessings

Butterfly – Good luck and new birth are at hand

Deer – Time to move gently into new realms & pursuits

Dolphin – Have fun with new creative expressions

Eagle – Time of great healing, vision and spirit contact

Frog – Fertile time at hand. Initiate new beginnings

Horse – Journeys & movement into new wonders

Hummingbird – Dream is fulfilled. You can accomplish the impossible

Owl – Spirit is close. Trust guidance & visions

Raven – Not all is what it seems. Magic & shapeshiftings around you

Snake – Time of healing & transformation. Focus on new birth

Turtle – Patience. Trust in Mother Earth. Success will come

Wolf – Trust your intuition. Protection & guidance are present

Condor – Time to take action. Your spirit will soar to new heights.

Peacock – Protection surrounds you in this time of resurrection and rebirth.

Swan – New dreams, realms, and possibilities are opening to you now.

Woodpecker – Follow your own unique rhythms for the greatest success.

Cougar – You are coming into your own power. Embrace it.

Elephant – Ancient powers are at work. Karma and justice will unfold.

Fox – Blessings and magic are afoot. Adventure is ahead.

Jaguar – Great magic and shapeshifting are at hand. Reclaim what you have lost.

Lynx – Hidden is visible to you now. Trust your own perceptions.

Otter – A little mischief and fun is good for the heart. Imagine and play.

Rabbit – Fertile signs abound. Take the leap into new creative realms.

Tiger – Your passion and power will expand. Expect new adventures.

Ladybug – A wish will come true. Pursue new opportunities.

Spider – Creativity abounds. You have the power to weave your fate.

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Thank you,just what I was looking for!

Thank you,just what I was looking for!

Great Items, as advertised and quick deliv...

Great Items, as advertised and quick delivery! Highly recommend!🦊💜✨

Craftsmanship is really well done.

Craftsmanship is really well done.

I like how substantial this 'coin' feels.

I like how substantial this 'coin' feels.

I like how substantial this 'coin' feels.

I like how substantial this 'coin' feels.