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Jumbo Reversing Candle (Black and Red)

Jumbo Reversing Candle (Black and Red)

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A black and red pillar candle for your ritual needs. This type of candle is traditionally used in reversing ("double action" or "return to sender") spells. The dual purpose of the candle is to neutralize and re-direct negative energy.

This is a solid red candle that is overdipped in black. It is ready to be dressed and inscribed according to your purpose. Made in the US from pure paraffin wax and braided cotton wick.

Please note the dimensions—candle measures about 9 inches tall by about 1 1/2 inches wide. It is too large to fit in standard taper candle holders.

Materials: Paraffin wax, braided cotton wick
Dimensions: Approx. 9 inches (height), 1.5 inches (diameter)

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