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Crystal Journey Herbal Magic Candle - Compassion

Crystal Journey Herbal Magic Candle - Compassion

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Cultivate the heart-expanding gift of compassion. This brightly colored candle is the perfect companion for your meditations on love, forgiveness, and generosity of spirit.

Affirmation: "My kindness emanates from my being through all my actions. Allow me to let go, forgive, and forge ahead with a re-kindled spirit."

Fragrance notes: Orange blossom, vanilla, chamomile

About Crystal Journey Candles

Made in Connecticut from the finest waxes and essential oils, Crystal Journey candles are a beautiful addition to your sacred space. Each of the Herbal Magic collection is hand-poured and Reiki charged with love and care. The label includes an affirmation to guide you in your candle meditation and magick. Crystal Journey candles are long-burning, 100% vegan, and made with only lead-free materials and paper/cotton wicks.

Remove paper label and trim wick to ¼ inch or shorter before burning.

Dimensions: 7 inches (height) x 1.5 inches (diameter)

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